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We are now prepairing to launch on next December...

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Our first SOS-Me crowdfunding page

What is

In short identification, is an ideology of platform in sharing economy that enable interactive between end users and providers instantly based on location and map. Our first implementation target into motorbike/scooter services because the readiness of the community and the encourage to do it.

The "SOS Me" signal is the connectivity message that bring the combination among the entities with services from heart (I need your help in an emergencies situation) that mean the honest in quality and the satisfaction come from the two side.

The management team?

We come from various sector to share the ideas, join and work together to build the system and make it become realities.

What you get from us?

End users:

The services providers:

For investors

If you care about this business and would like to invest, please drop us an email to

The materials, news and applications

We will notify and fill up the detail you soon as we delivery on marketplace of Apple and Google Market!

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